Medical Toursim

Grafco’s Medical Toursim division provideds Holistic Health Care and customized services for medical tourists who come to India as well of Residents of India. Medicure4u takes care of the entire process from free Consultation to appointment with the Doctor / Hospitals, Coordinating with him for treatment facilitation to Rejuvenation. So that your stay in India and return home is completely hassle free. We are one Stop Shop for all your medical need’s.

The team at Grafco Medical Toursim works towards providing Medical treatment for patients in UAE and globally who could travel to India for affordable high quality medical care

Medical treatment in UAE and Globally may be a costly affair as well as certain speciality treatment may not be available – in which case Grafco Medical Toursim can act as facilitators for patients to travel to India for treatment.

Key Benefits offered by our Hospital
  • High Quality World Class Medical Care
  • Economical and Affordable Pricing
  • Use of World Class Implants and Consumables
  • Zero Wait Times for Surgeries

Our Services Include:


We provide revolutionized dental care with complete range of treatment.

Bypass (CABG) / Angioplasty

Treatment in a progressive manner to achieve positive result by expert doctors.

Hip / Knee Replacement

We provide the most competent treatment of musculo-skeletal system.

Bariatric (Gastric)

We provide super speciality weight loss treatment with advanced technology.

Ayurvedic Vacation

Ayurvedic vacation to ensure physical and mental health with great results.

Cosmetic Surgery

Safe and dependable solution for your problems on Cosmetic Surgery.

Service Overview

  • Pre-Consultation and Appointment
  • Stay And Travel Arrangement
  • Treatment
  • Post-Procedure Consultation
  • Rejuvenation
  • Follow Up.

Medical Treatment

  • Orthopedic
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • General Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Dental Services
  • Ayurvedic Vacation

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