Air Ambulance – Medical Evaluation

Our Service Providers – Hi flying aviation group is a comprehensive medical transport service with its operation base in India, UAE, USA which does the complete spectrum of air ambulance transportation which includes medical escorts, commercial airline stretcher transfers and air medical chartered flights on fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters for planned and emergency patient evacuation worldwide.

Established in 1996 – Our Service Providers – Hi Flying aviation group has completed over 10,000 critical ground ambulance transportations and 2000 critical air medical transportation over 25 countries and 5 continents. They specialize in providing prompt, caring and professional services.The emergency air ambulance services is activated by a single call on alarm center open 24/7/365. On receiving a call and understanding the medical emergency, a plan is prepared by the medical team and medical co ordinator immediately provides a cost estimate.


On confirmation of the call, the medical evacuation is immediately implemented.The doctors are aeromedicaly trained to take care of all medical and surgical emergencies during the flight. All lifesaving equipments including cardiac monitors, pulse oximeters, defibrillators, ventilators, suction machines, blood sugar monitoring devices, oxygen and emergency medications are available onboard the flight.

Grafcome located at UAE is a partner to our business of Medical transportation. The advantages is common marketing and similar clients Individual patients, Hospitals, Insurance companies and Corporates.

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